SENPAI (System for Encoding and Processing Academic Information)


Senpai is a web application designed as an information system for the Senior High School of Ateneo de Naga University. Currently, it supports enrollment of the senior high school students, encoding of their grades and generation of reports such as class lists and Form 138.


Unofficially, SENPAI stands for “System for Encoding and Processing Academic Information.”

In Japan, Senpai can be an upperclassman or upperclasswoman, someone of a higher age, or senior. It is roughly equivalent to the Western concept of a mentor, but maybe simply translated as senior or elder compared with someone younger in the family, company, or organization. (Wikipedia)

But the MIS decided to use the term’s one particular literal meaning, upperclassman, that describes the high school students that the system caters, the senior high school of the university.